Diptyque – L’Eau Duelle EDT Perfume &#...

Diptyque – L’Eau Duelle EDT Perfume – Unisex 100ml


Diptyque – L’Eau Duelle EDT Perfume – Unisex 100ml

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A narrow escapade between gentleness and character, femininity and virility, white vanilla and black frankincense. An enigmatic amber, woody oriental that will transport you away, orchestrated by Fabrice Pellegrin (Firmenich). Eau Duelle is a vibrant dash of cold spices – cardamom, pink peppercorn and saffron – and the intoxicating juniper essence hits new heights with fresh cypress and elemi aromatic tinges. Then the vanilla emerges triumphant against the light and dark backdrop. On the one hand, there is etheral, epicurean and podery Firnat vanilla, its enthralling sweetness exalted by paradisone – a Firmenich captive molecule akin to an infinitely pure hedione – and by white, sweet, and enveloping musks. On the other, there is original and mysterious bourbon vanilla. It is slightly smoked and almost syrupy. Vediver, African frankincense smoke, and animal leathery twists from Asian cypriol purify it. A spice trail necessarily travels through places where unexpected exchange occur. The gatecrashers here are black tea from Ceylon and the famous calamus reed, the tasty revealers that make the journey singular, memorable and priceless. Notes: Juniper, elemi and pink pepper contrast with warmer, more sensual notes found in vanilla, vetiver, and black tea.

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Unisex fragrance
A unique interpretation of contrasting vanilla
Developed by parfumer, Fabrice Pellegrin Women’s, Fragrance by Diptyque

Price:$ 130.00

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