Keys Solar RX Therapeutic Sunblock SPF 30

Keys Solar RX Therapeutic Sunblock SPF 30


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As a daily protection, Solar Rx is designed as a cosmetic moisturizer sunblock to offer the maximum physical protection from UVA and SPF 30 for UVB burning rays without using a chemical sunscreen. We recommend reapplying at least every two hours* on the face neck and hands. Tropical and intense sun conditions require even more frequent application. UV index ratings of 8 and above for average skin can require application as much as every 15 minutes as tested using a UV meter. This is not a product for sun bathing, extreme hot weather sports or swimming

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Solar Rx contains no synthetic ingredients like Retinyl Palmitate that is a chemical Vitamin A. Solar Rx uses simple natural whole ingredients to carry the zinc oxide which provides blocking of UVA, UVB and UVC radiation to prevent skin cancer and premature aging.
Keys Solar Rx is featured on the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Report as the safest moisturizer with UVA/UVB protection on the market. Key Solar Rx is featured as the most effective non-waterproof category sunblock for UVA and UVB in the Consumer Reports July 2007 issue. It is rare to find a product that is both safe to use and effective.
Keys Solar Rx carries a UVB (UV Burning) rating of SPF 30+ and a UVA (UV Aging) of four stars using the EU rating system. It is important to note that 90% of all visible skin aging comes from UVA. Be very careful of sunscreens with high SPF numbers that do not rate their UVA protection. High SPF rated chemical sunscreens will prevent burning, but often do little to provide UVA protection.
20% Concentration of Uncoated Nano Zinc Oxide (~25 nm)
SPF 30+ UVB rating. (We recommend the addition of the four (4) Boots Star EU rating)
Not water resistant. For everyday use. Not for sports or active uses.
Solar Rx combines the healing soothing properties of our Luminos moisturizer and adds a 20% concentration of uncoated nano-zinc oxide to provide a physical UVA & UVB blocking to protect against UV triggered Melanoma and Skin Cancer. Our nano-zinc oxide (ZnO) is uncoated to provide healing therapies associated with zinc oxide. The uncoated zinc has also proven to be anti-bacterial and antimicrobial and can reduce redness, rosacea, age spots and melasma. Solar Rx carries a EWG Skin Deep Rating of 0 (0 to 10 scale where 0 is best). Skin Protection, Sun by Keys

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