Emtage Silktage Rejuvenating Styling Serum Organic...

Emtage Silktage Rejuvenating Styling Serum Organic 3.4 Oz.


Emtage Silktage Rejuvenating Styling Serum Organic 3.4 Oz.

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Benefits include: Eliminates frizz and flyaway, improves the health of the hair, moisturizes dry hair and scalp, reduces breakage and split ends, adds volume to fine or thin hair, restores hair strength and elasticity, adds protective shine, adds vitality to color and highlights, tames thick unmanageable hair, promotes healthy hair growth, creates smoother and straighter hair dry, and is safe for color treated hair.

Camellia (Green Tea) Oil is our signature ingredient. It is NOP-certified organic and the highest-percentage ingredient in our formula, which means you get the full benefit of this remarkable oil. An ancient Japanese secret for conditioning and styling hair, Camellia Oil is renowned for it’s nourishing and rejuvenating effects. It contains 90% essential fatty acids and extremely high levels of Vitamin E and polyphenols essential for binding moisture, thickening hair, stimulating hair growth, softening texture, and enhancing shine.

Monoi Oil is an ancient Polynesian beauty secret. It is an infusion of Tahitian gardenia flowers soaked in coconut oil. This blend has been used by women in the islands of Polynesia for centuries to beautify and nourish the hair. Known for it’s conditioning and moisturizing properties, it helps repair damaged keratin fibers, adds shine, and makes hair easier to manage and style.

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Rejuvenates your hair with healing power of pure botanical oils
Natural and Organic, including 100% pure and certified Organic Camellia Oil
Nothing Artificial Added
No synthetic fragrance, silicone, phony color, alcohol, paraben, petroleum, or perservatives Hair Styling Serums, Styling Products by Emtage Hair

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