Instant Spa Gift Set – Citrus

Instant Spa Gift Set – Citrus

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Instant Spa Gift Set – Citrus special offer: The Plum Island Soap Company quality beauty products, for the best price!
The Instant Spa -Citrus contains the followinig Products:

Sweet Citrus Scrub. A gentle, oil-free, light, sweet way to exfoliate and give your skin a beautiful glow. Gentle enough for daily use. Made with sugar, rose hips and lemon. Not only will you feel good on the outside but on the inside too! The yummy citrus scent will feed your soul. 16 oz.

Pink Grapefruit Body Oil. Beautifully packaged, made from 100% high quality olive oil and scented with only pure essential oils which are imported from all over the world. This luxurious body oil is the perfect light moisturizer for all over especially after showering or bathing and also make wonderful massage oils. Light and sweet, uplifting and gentle, this body oil is perfectly pleasing to just about every palate. The essential oil is truly extracted from a real pink grapefruit so the scent is true! 8 oz.

Citrus Scrub Soap. Made from grapefruit, lemon & orange essential oils with cornmeal for its scrubby feel good qualities. This soap is made in small batches with high quality vegetable-based ingredients, using pure essential oils for scent, ground herbs, and clays for color and texture. Creamy in lather, natural, pure, gentle & wonderfully scented! 3.5 oz.

Sunshine Mist Hydrating Spray. Hydrates, closes pores, and keeps your skin refreshed throughout the day. Great for use during traveling, workouts, warm weather activities, in dry environments or just anytime to invigorate tired skin. Of course it is 100% all natural and made with extracts of pure botanicals. A blend of lemon, orange and grapefruit essential oils which are cooling, invigorating and uplifting. An effective spray for all skin types with a wonderful citrus scent.

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100% All Natural Products from The Plum Island Soap Company.
Cleverly Packaged in a gallon paint can with a opener on top.
The perfect gift for instant relaxation and bliss.
Contains: Citrus Scrub Soap, Pink Grapefruit Body Oil, Sweet Citrus Body Scrub, Sunshine Mist Hydrating Spray & Body Mitt.
Give the Gift of fun and indulgence with The Instant Spa. Sets, Bath & Body by The Plum Island Soap Company

Price:$ 54.95

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