HB DEAD SEA Multi-Vitamin Hand Nail Cream

HB DEAD SEA Multi-Vitamin Hand  Nail Cream


HB DEAD SEA Multi-Vitamin Hand Nail Cream

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Well groomed hands are the card. Among the best hands creams for males and ladies alike continues to be produced. Additionally, it includes Ultra violet filters to safeguard both hands. The existence of the minerals within the cream combined with aromatic oils enhances ale your skin to preserve moisture and works as a glove to safeguard your skin from the dangerous results of cleaning materials. It’s overflowing with Essential Olive Oil, Evening Primrose, Avocado Oil, and Tea Tree extract (that is famous because of its effectiveness against fungus underneath the finger nails) in addition to Natural Aloe-vera and Lavender. Regular utilisation of the cream softens both hands, fortifies and safeguards your finger nails and enhances the feel of the epidermis. We advise keeping a tube of the cream besides your mattress, at work, inside your handbag, within the vehicle and in the kitchen area. Instructions to be used: Use after every time you rinse both hands with soap

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