Bioxidea Miracle 24 Hand Treatment

Bioxidea Miracle 24 Hand Treatment

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BIOXIDEA features impressive skincare improvements developed through advanced biotechnology. Botox treatment-like inhibitors limit the development and discharge of chemicals that control the concentration of muscle contractions, consequently, facial expression line is reduced. BIOXIDEA uses the greatest quality professional grade elements which are especially developed to supply a good amount of minerals and vitamins. Overflowing Anti-Oxidants, Nutrition, Proteins and sophisticated Peptide Chains operate in perfect harmony to refresh, hydrate and fight free-radical damage for cellular protection. MIRACLE24 is definitely an advanced and innovative means to fix conserve a perfect balance of oil and hydration while supplying your skin with concentrated diet. The complexness of BIOXIDEA simplifies your skincare needs and provides amazing results.

BIOXIDEA COSMETICS MIRACLE24 Hands Treatment gives dull, dehydrated hands a reviving boost of moisture to have an instant firming effect. These dazzling results can last as long as 24 hrs based on skin’s pH. Omega-wealthy essential olive oil increases elasticity while advanced peptides promote firmness and lower facial lines. Rosemary oil, lavender and natural aloe-vera tone, hydrate and soothe irritation arnica extract heals cracks and fissures.Buy wide array of quality Bioxidea items online. Containes 3 set of simple to use serum filled mitts.Appropriate for Normal, Combination, Dry, Oily, and Sensitive Skin.Natural elements.Professional grade elements available these days to be used within the privacy of your home!BEAUTY Improvements THAT MASK AWAY Time. Hand Creams & Lotions, Hands & Nails by Bioxidea

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