Nature’s Gate – Creme De Peppermint, 6...

Nature’s Gate – Creme De Peppermint, 6 oz toothpaste


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Creme P Peppermint Natural Tooth paste with sodium bicarbonate and peppermint oil. Enchantingly fresh breath along with a healthy-feeling mouth is going to be yours whenever you brush with Nature’s Gate Creme P Peppermint Tooth paste. Our fluoride-free formula includes calcium, a strengthening element of teeth that can help safeguard enamel while offering enhanced calcium bio-availability. Our great-tasting tooth paste also offers sodium bicarbonate that functions like a gentle abrasive to assist neat and refresh the mouth area for any vibrant and sparkling smile. – Fluoride-free- Preservative free- No artificial colors- No sugar substitutes- Flavored with exhilirating peppermint oilHow to make use of: Brush completely, ideally after every meal, but a minimum of two times each day, or as directed with a dental professional or physician.Produced in USA

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