Deja Vu Salt Scrub (Carribean Mist)

Deja Vu Salt Scrub (Carribean Mist)


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. Your skin has a remarkable ability to rejuvenate itself from daily stress, but there are times that it may not be able to efficiently maintain its healthy glow and youthful appearance. Deja vu highly concentrated body scrub uniquely assists your skin’s natural ability to heal and rejuvenate itself. By stimulating epidermal activity, your skin’s natural desire to remain supple and playful ushers in its natural self-healing processes. Exfoliating damaged skin cells has been known to signal your skin to begin its life long desire to present itself as healthy and radiant. Overlooking the practice of aiding your skin’s healthy desires may allow unwanted blemishes and result in your skin looking permanently tired and worn. It is important to instill the habit of actively caring and pampering your skin so that you may confidently display your success at living a healthy and invigorating lifestyle. For best use, gently massage your skin with Deja vu Body Scrub then rinse with water only. A tran quil mood will wash over your soul as your muscles and outer being embrace the habit of living healthy and well.

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