Makeup Mistakes

The best makeup is the one that no one notices. But is a disadvantageous lipstick, a soggy mascara, or a thick makeup make you look ugly? Sure, it can, and on the contrary, a good makeup can work wonder. Women apply cosmetics to look gorgeous, not to look worse. There are some common makeup mistakes that all of us committed at some point or another, and we did not even realize. If we mess our makeup, not only we may look much older, but we can look ridiculous in the worst case.

First of all, try to look as natural, as you can. It does not mean that you are not allowed to wear brilliant and lively colors, but wear them moderately, and what is the most important, do not wear a heavy makeup. Your makeup should beautify your face, and not hide it as a mask. So, you have to take care of skin first. Use proper skin care products like facial peels, lotions and creams regularly, and also before you start to apply your makeup.

The most common makeup mistake is the overplucked eyebrows. When your eyebrows are too thin, put down your tweezers and let your eyebrows grow back. You have to let all the new hairs to see where you made a mistake. It is not easy to dissociate yourself from plucking, so try masking new hairs by filling brows with an eyeliner or eyebrow liner. Use a light color if you are blond, and use black or brown pencil if your hair is darker. Visit a brow professional at least once in your life, because you will get to know which is the best shape for your face.

As for the lipstick, dark shades do not look well on everyone. Goth colors like black, dark brown and purple can make you look older, or can make your lips severe, if they are thinner. If you can not stand wearing dark shades, at least try to avoid dark lip liner, and use a dark lip gloss or a sheer version of the color you like. If you use a dark lip liner, like a red or berry shade, never use a light lipstick, and fill in your mouth completely. Do not color outside the line. If you would like to make your lips look fuller, apply clear or light gloss on the center of your lower lip.

Stay away from clumpy mascara. Before you use it, wipe the mascara wand against the opening of the tube to get rid of any excess mascara. You can add a little water. Move the wand from side to side, horizontally and vertically as well, to avoid clumps. Before the mascara dries, comb through your lashes with a toothbrush to separate them.

Blend well your foundation and blush if you don’t want to look like a clown. Only wear foundation where you need it, and don’t let it end in a line at your jaw. Use good brushes, the bigger is the best. Get rid of excess powder before you apply it on your face. Smile and apply it on the apples of your cheeks in upward strokes.

The most important rule is to never accentuate every feature of your face at the same time. For example, if you focus on the eyes, go easy on the mouth, and vice versa. Buy the best quality products of world-famous brand because you will not regret. Feel free to experiment with colors and products, to figure out which are the best for you.