Helix Threadease Eyebrow Threading Kit

Helix Threadease Eyebrow Threading Kit

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Helix Threadease Eyebrow Threading Kit

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You receive 2 Helix Threads tools, Brow Gel, Brow Brush/comb, Thread along with a duffel type carry bag for the package.

Many Salons are utilizing our items to shape eye brows and also to remove unsightly facial and the body fur. Our Helix Threadease home/salon threads tool, enables anybody to shape their eye brows via threads and also to easily remove undesirable fur!

Adding threads for your beauty regimen can lead to a far more beautiful and exotic look. A lot of women experience undesirable facial and the body hair. Even fine fur within the face and oral cavity areas could be unsightly. These may be easily removed with threads. Actually, most of the mobile phone industry’s best beauty experts and photography enthusiasts, will insist their “models” have all their facial fur removed (via threads) just before photo shoots. However, until today, many people needed to visit an costly salon to satisfy their threads needs.

Threads may be the experts option for laser hair removal. It’s been the most well-liked approach to laser hair removal in the centre East and Asia for hundreds of years. Our Helix “ThreadEase” home threads tool, now gives everybody the chance to “thread” in your own home. This will help you to carefully groom and take away hair on your face if needed, keeping the face neat and hair free. This can lead to a sharper and much more youthful look.

Threads may also be used to shape and contour your eye brows for any lovely and exciting look. Nothing brings more focus on an attractive eyes and face, than a set of well groomed and shaped eyebrows. The Helix “ThreadEase” system may be used by anybody in their daily beauty regimen. We think that the Helix “ThreadEase” system will make you more beautiful. Being beautiful is really a choice. Prefer to get beautiful! Patent #8,192,446

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Eyebrow Threads is among the most popular methods to shape your eyebrows.Why Wax, Why Tweeze? Helix Threadease may be used to shape your eyebrows and also to remove undesirable hair on your face.Numerous salons and clients like you use our tools to shape their eyebrows.U get 2 Helix Tools, Brow Gel, Brow Comb. Spool of thread & Duffel Type Carry Bag! Sets & Kits, Makeup Brushes & Tools by Helix

Price:$ 27.99

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