Argan Oil 100% Pure 2 oz.

Argan Oil 100% Pure 2 oz.


Argan Oil 100% Pure 2 oz. special offer: Timeless Skin Care quality beauty products, for the best price!
Pure. Natural. The Timeless Pure collection contains ingredients at concentrations you won’t find elsewhere. All natural and paraben free, we don’t use excess ingredients to make up for the lack of actives. We like to keep it simple and effective.

This product contains:

Argan Oil – derived from the nut of the Argan tree, this rare and unrefined oil moisturizes like no other. Absorbs quickly and can be used on the skin, hair, lips, and nails!

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virgin organic.
cold pressed.
works great on hair, nails, and body!
combine with our Hyaluronic Acid Serum for super moisture!
from Morocco. Oils, Moisturizers by Timeless Skin Care

Price: $14.95
Price:$ 10.58

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