Pure Argireline Ha Hyaluronic Acid Matrixyl 3000 S...

Pure Argireline Ha Hyaluronic Acid Matrixyl 3000 Serum : 1 Piece


Pure Argireline Ha Hyaluronic Acid Matrixyl 3000 Serum : 1 Piece

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10% Matrixyl 3000 20% Argireline 100% Acid Hyaluronic Base

A powerful mixture of elements comprises this amazing daily serum. How do you want to have softer, more youthful searching skin within days? When skin is firmed by Matrixyl 3000, intensely hydrated by Acid Hyaluronic as well as your facial lines are relaxed you will notice stunning results.

10% Matrixyl 3000 ~ Increases bovine collagen production by 350%! Firms and removes facial lines

20% Argireline ~ The greatest suggested amount. The liquid Botox treatment Alternative helps relax tension hard, therefore getting rid of facial lines. Research has shown 27% wrinkle reduction after thirty days!

100% Acid Hyaluronic ~ Super hydrates and boosts the skins capability to retain moisture. (the ‘ will transport the ingredients inside your cream better to your skin, so follow-up having a nutrient wealthy moisturizer in it.)Buy wide array of quality IQ Natural items online. Revive skins youthful vitality with cell-stimulizing CoEnzyme Q-10. You will notice a better, more healthy complexion. Within days, the skin will feel moist and supple.The effective antioxidant Co-Enzyme Q-10 safeguards skin from harmful environment toxins present in smog, smoke along with other chemicals in mid-air. Giving skin the power resists environment damage from surface radicals everyday
A better, more healthy complexion overnight
A youthful, radiant complexion within one week
DIRECTIONS: Apply each evening to neck and face after cleansing, firming and exfoliating. This high concentration formula only requires roughly a pea sized portion per application. Creams & Moisturizers, Face by IQ Natural

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