EcoTools LOOFAH 6 Facial Sponges 1268

EcoTools LOOFAH 6 Facial Sponges 1268


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EcoTools bath accessories bring more green into your shower scene! Made with natural, sustainable materials This 2 pack of earth-friendly facial buffs exfoliate and cleanse your skin. And, they show respect for the planet: Made of natural loofah (a vegetable). Bamboo has a low impact on the earth’s resources as it is a highly sustainable plant. HOW TO USE: Slide hand under strap. Wet facial buff and apply favorite cleanser then gently squeeze to create lather. Use the loofah side to gently buff skin smooth and the cotton side to cleanse. Rinse facial buff and let air dry. For the best results: replace every 1-3 months.

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Style 1268
Sponges gently exfoliate skin for a smooth finish.
Shrinkwrapped with recyclable plastic.
Made of natural material.
Earth-Friendly Beauty Loofahs, Sponges & Poufs, Bathing Accessories by EcoTools

Price:$ 6.99

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