ecoTools Cellulose Bath Sponge

ecoTools Cellulose Bath Sponge

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Earth Friendly Beauty.gentle cleansing derived from plant pulp recyclable packaging Rope inside for easy hangingThis earth friendly bath sponge shows respect for the planet:cellulose is botanically derived from plant pulp sponge does not contain petroleum by-products such as nylon or polyester recyclable packagingGreen Tip: on average 10% of all toothpaste goes unused. So next time you go to toss that toothpaste tube or lotion bottle in the garbage, thoroughly squeeze it out to reduce your waste.

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Style 7413
Earth-Friendly Beauty
Derived from plant pulp.
Gently cleanses skin while creating a rich lather.
Recyclable BOPP bag. Loofahs, Sponges & Poufs, Bathing Accessories by ecoTools

Price:$ 9.99

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