Liquid Keratin Starter Set

Liquid Keratin Starter Set


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Hair Smoothening Serum Liquid Keratin Starter Set is the home alternative to expensive salon treatments. You no longer need to spend long hours in a salon. It also does not contain the harmful chemicals found in salon products that damage your hair. You need not worry about your hair for the next six weeks. Your hair is free from frizz and very manageable, allowing you to create great styles. All hair types Smoothens and strengthens Infuses keratin It is a good alternative to expensive salons. Tames frizz and makes it more manageable allowing you to style your hair the way you want it to be.Just for you: Suitable for all hair types A Closer Look: Liquid Keratin Starter Set infuses keratin protein to unmanageable hair, making it instantly smooth and strong. It nourishes and replenishes damaged hair and helps in leaving your hair soft and shiny. Get Started: There are some dos and don’ts that have to be observed while applying. Follow the instructions carefully to achieve optimal results.

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An in-home straightening kit that is a safe alternative to salon treatments. A $74 Value Hair Care, Products by Liquid Keratin

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