Glyderm Solution 10%-4 oz

Glyderm Solution 10%-4 oz


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Beauty Enhancing Solution Glyderm Solution 10% helps improve and maintain the beauty of your skin. Some people have great skin but for those who do not, this product will help you. It has a unique formula to get the best out of your skin and helps restore your natural beauty. Developed for oily skin Glycolic acid makes your skin look and feel good Makes skin smooth and soft Your skin is looked after like never before. All the impurities are removed leaving your skin smooth and soft. It also helps against pigmentation irregularities. The product is designed for oily, non-sensitive skin and has glycolic acid that cleanses, hydrates and maintains your beauty. Just for you: Oily, non-sensitive skin A Closer Look: Glyderm Solution 10% is formulated with glycolic acid to cleanse the skin from within. It helps beautify the skin removing blemishes and lines. Get Started: Shake well before using and apply sparingly. You may leave the first application on for two hours, then wash off. If no irritation occurs within 24 hours, you may leave the product on overnight.

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