Weleda – Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream – 1....

Weleda – Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream – 1.7 oz.


Weleda – Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream – 1.7 oz.

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Weleda – Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream – 1.7 oz. (49.5 g) Weleda Ocean Buckthorn Hands Cream permeates rapidly without departing an oily layer onto the skin. Light, organic Sesame Oil and precious, biodynamic Ocean Buckthorn Oil form a safety barrier onto the skin although it undergoes its processes of repair and renewal. Free from synthetic scents, colors, chemical preservatives and recycleables produced from mineral oils. Product and elements not examined on creatures. Dermatologically examined. Dry, thirsty hands get replacing moisture and stimulating nutrition with this particular fast-absorbing hands cream. This is an intensely adding nourishment to treatment that repairs, reinstates and safeguards both hands from skin-harmful elements. Sun-drenched Biodynamic ocean buckthorn oil comes complete with essential essential fatty acids that lavishly moisturize, and professional-vit a and e vitamin, which smooth, soften and strengthen the skin. Developed along with antioxidant-wealthy organic sesame seed oil, both hands are safe and made palpably smooth and soft. Having a citrusy scent from sun-drenched essential oils from mandarins, oranges and a melon, it appears as though you’ve got a fresh, solid grip on fixing your beautiful hands. About Ocean Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides) Generally known to as Ocean Buckthorn, this summer time eco-friendly shrub, indigenous to Asia and europe, features silver-grey branches and barrier red-colored, edible berries. The golden-red-colored Pulp Oil is wealthy in unsaturated essential fatty acids, carotenoids and E Vitamin. The Seed Oil is mainly composed of unsaturated essential essential fatty acids, including Linoleic and Linolenic Chemicals. Ocean Buckthorn Oil, comprised of Beta Cerotene, Provitamin A and E Vitamin, helps safeguard your skin from Ultra violet radiation and free-radical damage. These easily absorbed oils offer the natural buildup from the skin’s fat layers and have anti-inflammatory qualities.Where Beauty BeginsWeleda is maqui berry farmers.Buy wide array of quality Weleda items online. Weleda Ocean Buckthorn Hands Cream permeates rapidly without departing an ily layer around the skin
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