DERMAdoctor Gorilla Warfare Hair Minimizing Facial

DERMAdoctor Gorilla Warfare Hair Minimizing Facial


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DERMAdoctor Gorilla Warfare hair minimizing facial moisturizer.Minimize the appearance of unwanted facial hair with a solution uniquely camouflaged as a daily facial moisturizer. Make peace, not hair. Paraben Free. Fragrance Free. Dye Free. Dermatologist Tested & Approved. Allergy Tested.Non Irritating. Non Comedogenic. No Animal Testing Contains fourteen highly evolved botanicals that help turn unwanted facial hair into an endangered species. Features the “tropical” foliage of: MYRICA CERIFERA (BAYBERRY) LEAF EXTRACT – a natural source rich in dihydromyrectin DIHYDROMYRECETIN – anticipated to cause selective inhibition of tyrosine kinase activity of the IGF-1 receptor &prevents follicular growth during anagen phase. GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE LEAF EXTRACT – thought to reduce proliferation of keratinocytes and mitotic activity of hair folicle. SERENOA SERRULATA FRUIT EXTRACT – (aka saw palmetto) considered to limit testerone production. EPILOBIUM ANGUSTIFOLIUM EXTRACT – (aka fireweed) thought to minimize hair regrowth by denaturing the hair shaft helix. CUCURBITA PEPO (PUMPKIN) SEED EXTRACT – considered an anti-androgenic anti-DHT effect. SALIX ALBA (WILLOW) BARK EXTRACT – thought to help dissolve and denature keratin. LARREA DIVARICATA EXTRACT . . .

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