Deja Vu All Day Moisturizer

Deja Vu All Day Moisturizer


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For Normal and Dry Skin

The Deja Vu light textured All Day Moisturizer is uniquely formulated with Dead Sea minerals to be quickly absorbed and to hydrate the skin. This ultra rich moisturizer delivers maximum hydration for extended protection and rejuvenation, and will leave your skin moist, smooth and radiating vitality. Use the Deja Vu ALL DAY MOISTURIZER to restore moist levels to their perfect balance, while enriching and restoring beauty and youthfulness. Working20together with the best laboratories, skin care professionals and customer feedback, we bring you this specially designed moisturizer to supplement a regimen of skin care for the health and beauty conscience. The Deja Vu All Day Moisturizer contains trace elements and minerals which naturally act to protect the skin from the harsh effects of the sun , as well as environmental and industrial pollutants. This ultra-rich Deja Vu moisturizer drenches the thirstiest skin, delivering maximum hydration to sensitive and damaged skin. Apply evenly to the skin surface for a healing and beauty treatment that surpasses all expectations and produces amazing results. Treat yourself or loved one to this gift from the fountain of youth at the Dead Sea.

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Price:$ 90.00

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