CosMedix Benefit Clean 3.3 fl oz.

CosMedix Benefit Clean 3.3 fl oz.


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CosMedix Benefit Clean is a light, foaming cleanser rich in antioxidants that gently exfoliates all skin types. Deep cleansing elements delicately remove impurities and environmental pollutants from the skin. Its gentle, all-natural formula even removes face and eye makeup without irritation while its natural citrus aroma invigorates the senses. Especially ideal for hyper-sensitive skin, including post-peel.

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Foaming cleanser invigorates skin
Antioxidant-rich formula protects against harmful free radicals
Gently exfoliates to reveal a brighter complexion
Even removes eye makeup from hyper-sensitive skin
Refreshing citrus aroma Cleansers, Face by CosMedix

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