Enzymatic Therapy – Doctor’s Choice Ey...

Enzymatic Therapy – Doctor’s Choice Eye Formula, 90 tablets


Enzymatic Therapy – Doctor’s Choice Eye Formula, 90 tablets

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Doctors Choice Eye Formula with Lutein ? Provides comprehensive nutritional support for eye health It contains valuable nutrients that support healthy vision, including: ?Vitamin A – essential for eyes’ adaptation to changes in light, night vision, and color vision. ?Beta-carotene, which helps maintain eye moisture. ?Zinc, which helps prevent night blindness and supports vitamin A. ?Vitamin C, which is essential to eye lens function. ?Lutein is a protective ingredient for eye health. Lutein is naturally highly concentrated in the retina, and researchers believe that this antioxidant supports macular pigment, which absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the sun. ?Bilberry, which helps strengthen the small blood vessels in the eyes and helps protect the cells in the eyes from free-radical damage. You can use it with other Doctor’s ChoiceTM supplements. Doctor’s ChoiceTM Eye Formula? with Lutein is formulated to provide additional nutritional support for proper eye function – you can use it with any Doctor’s Choice gender-specific multiple and Doctor’s Choice Flax Oil products.

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Serving Size – 3 tablets
Does Not Contain: Sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, dairy products, artificial flavoring, preservatives, or coloring. Eyes, Skin Care by Enzymatic

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Price:$ 20.00

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