Emjoi AP-17DB Dolphin Wet/dry Epilator, Marine Blu...

Emjoi AP-17DB Dolphin Wet/dry Epilator, Marine Blue


Emjoi AP-17DB Dolphin Wet/dry Epilator, Marine Blue

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Emjoi dolphin is an innovative wet and dry epilator designed with a special technique for removing short hair. it is composed of 18 sets of tweezer discs that remove hair as short as 0.4mm at the root from the upper lip, chin, bikini line, underarms and legs. with the patented skin glide technology and 3-disc tweezer pulling system, removing unwanted hair has never been more precise, accurate and comfortable. the added feature of silver ion technology works remarkably well for antimicrobial protection against damaging bacteria. may be used in dry or wet conditions (e.g., in the shower). designed with special technique to remove short hair. 18 sets of tweezer-action discs ensure rapid, non-irritating and virtually painless hair removal from the root. utilized three pairs of discs at a time – one fixed disc and two that open and close – for an extra-gentle yet extremely effective performance. glide tweezer technology lifts up and removes hair by gliding the tweezer discs over the skin with less irritation. tweezer tip pulling system removes hair with accuracy and precision. built-in lifetime antimicrobial protection against damaging bacteria by silver ion technology. unique safety-touch control feature automatically stops the unit from rotating if pressed too hard on the skin, preventing grabbing, pinching or scratching of the skin. patented hair guide channels flat and short hairs into hair-removal discs. contoured design helps keep the skin taut, minimizing pulling discomfort. great for removing hair on the legs, bikini line and underarms. remove hair – from the root – as short at 0.4mm and leaves skin smooth for up to six weeks. runs on two aa batteries (not included).

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Wet/dry epilator
18 tweezer discs
Patented skin glide technology
Contoured design
Battery operated Epilators, Hair Removal by Emjoi

Price:$ 91.48

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