Advial Colloidal Silver Solution 1000 ml

Advial Colloidal Silver Solution 1000 ml


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No one discloses their manufacturing process for a reason. we use the worlds most sophisticated filtration process to remove solutes and organic matter prior to submitting the water through a dual bed 8 stage positive and negative de-ionizer that removes all remaining minerals, metals, sulphates and chlorides resulting in the worlds purest water. we then employ an array of microprocessor controlled, pressurized closed loop silver generators with precisely formed electrodes where bursts of modulated current are alternated over a specific period in relation to the current density, water flow over the electrodes and water temperature insuring the smallest possible particle size. where others generate carcinogens by using alligator clips or nuts and bolts to attach conductors to their silver, our wiring harness is hermetically sealed. our product is environmentally isolated and filtered no less than 30 times prior to bottling ensuring the highest possible quality with absolutely no contamination.

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