Self Tanner Beach Colours 6 Ounces

Self Tanner Beach Colours 6 Ounces


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Beach Colours is a natural soft crème enabling you to apply this unique self tanner evenly over areas. It is best to have cleansed or exfoliated the area(s) of potential application. The area of application should be dry. Apply the crème evenly and lightly. Use less amounts on the knees, elbows and knuckles. Results are seen within 4 hours. Standard application is once daily, for 4 days, then reapply again in 6 days. The Natural DHA, a vegetable substrate, found in Beach Colours works with your melanin providing a natural looking, golden hue, without exposure to the sun. There is no reason not to go in the sun after using Natural Beach Colours.

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6 Ounces Liquid
Serving Size: Self-Tanners & Bronzers, Sun by Caribbean Solutions

Price: $18.99
Price:$ 13.93

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