Norvell Amber Sun

Norvell Amber Sun


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Amber Sun Sunless Self Tanning Spray with Instant Bronzers by Norvell/Body Invest is an ultra-fine spray that quickly delivers instant color and smooth golden results without aerosol propellants.

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Continuous Spray ~ “Bag in Bottle” system delivers ultra fine spray & even results at any angle. NON-AEROSOL
Improved Formula/Immediate Color ~ Longer lasting, smooth, sienna blend to give you the “just off the beach” sun-kissed glow
Odorless tanning ~ No tale-tell DHA smell. To enhance and extend your sunless color, try Prolong Tan Extending Lotion by Norvell
Skin Firming ~ Reduces fine lines & wrinkles Self-Tanners & Bronzers, Sun by Amber Sun

Price: $40.00
Price:$ 33.01

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