Kardashian GlowTM “Intensifier” 13.5 o...

Kardashian GlowTM “Intensifier” 13.5 oz Tanning Lotion


Kardashian GlowTM “Intensifier” 13.5 oz Tanning Lotion

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Story: Whether you are walking on a red-colored carpet, striking the city or reducing stress after some retail therapy-Who knows in which the paparazzi may strike. With this premiere type of tanning items you’ll be photo ready anywhere you go! Bronze color perfection having a hug of Kardashian!


Kourtney, Kim & Khloé

Buy wide array of quality Designer Skin items online. Tanning intensifiers implanted Shea Butter and Natural Aloe-vera prepare your skin to get dark color
Vitamins C and E mix with Caffeine to have an overall enhanced tone and texture, while overcoming toxins to assist prevent fine lines
Luxe Silicone implanted base nourishes and hydrates skin, departing it velvety soft
Shea Butter and Aloe Vera
Vitamins C and E Sun, Skin Care by Designer Skin

Price: $99.00
Price:$ 79.99

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