Hardcore Black

Hardcore Black


Hardcore Black

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The negative side is asking with this particular tough dark bronzing product that can make others envious of the Hardcore Black color. You will for sure be lusted over and done with this 30x dark bronzing brew of natural bronzers, skin adding nourishment to vitamins and essential oils for deep, lasting color. Your devotion to sexy skin and bronze color should never be asked!

* 30x Dark Bronzers: Mixture of instant and postponed bronzers for extended-lasting natural color.

* Enticing Hemp Seed Oil: Firms, conditions and moisturizes for radiant, hydrated skin.

* Wicked Skin Softeners: Concentrated quantity of complete skincare that permeates deep to show sensually smooth, skin.Buy wide array of quality Australian Gold items online. 30x Dark Bronzing Blend Self-Tanners & Bronzers, Sun by Australian Gold

Price: $30.00
Price:$ 16.00

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