Shear Flex 4000 * 5.75″ W/rest

Shear Flex 4000 * 5.75″ W/rest


Shear Flex 4000 * 5.75″ W/rest special offer: Fromm quality beauty products, for the best price!
Flex 4000 # 260 5.75″ features new, innovative cutting performance and comfort. Uniquely curved convex blades are expertly honed for a continuously optimal cutting angle. From beginning to end, every snip and cut is clean and precise. * Moveable 3-D hinge thumb ring * Ergonomic crane handles * Hand-honed, hollow-ground, convex blades * 5¾” with detachable finger rest

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Flex 4000 # 260 * 5.75″ With Rest
Extremely sharp, hand-honed, hollow-ground, convex blades; Semi-offset crane handle design
Moveable 3-D hinge thumb ring; Adjustable hexagon screw
Sterling finish; Detachable finger rest Scissors, Styling Tools by Fromm

Price:$ 496.21

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