Braun Combination Foil And Cutter For Pulsonic Sha...

Braun Combination Foil And Cutter For Pulsonic Shavers


Braun Combination Foil And Cutter For Pulsonic Shavers special offer: Braun quality beauty products, for the best price!
Foil and cutter pack for Braun 9000 series / Support with all Braun Pulsonic Shavers 9565, 9595 and more 3-stage Cutting System – Rapid closeness. Smart Foil – Unique foil pattern captures hairs growing from different directions for a close shave in fewer strokes. Clean And Renew System – Keeps it feeling like a new shaver everyday. Washable – Easy cleaning under running water. Sonic Motor Generates 10,000 Micro Vibrations Per Minute – -Helps Skin & Underlying Muscle Tissues Relax Stimulating Cellular Flow Gillette Blade Technology 64 Unique Sharp Blades w/ Precisely Angled Edges / Power-Comb Feature Lifts Problem Hairs that Lie Flat to the Skin Smart Foil Unique Foil Pattern Captures Hairs Growing From Different Directions For A Closer Shave In Fewer Strokes Touch Sensitive Shaveing Heads Individually Flex In Response To The Slightest Change In Skin Surface Unique Clean & Renew System Pulsonic Shaver Head Can Be Washed Under Running Water Extendable Long Hair Trimmer For Moustache and Sideburns 3 LED Indicators – Provides Operation Status, Battery Charge, Hygiene Status Quick Charge – 5 Minutes For One Shave / 1 Hour Full Charge Time provides Up To 50 Minute Shaving Time Cordless / Corded Operation Energy Star-Qualified Dual Volt Capable For International Use – 110V & 240V Auto-Detected for grooming as you travel Modern Ergonomic Design

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Pulsonic Technology – Outstanding smoothness and skin comfort.
Sensitive Flexing Head – Pivots and flexes for maximum facial conformity.
Precision Comfort Blades – Exceptional closeness and comfort.
Power Comb – Lifts missed hairs that lie flat to the skin.
Precision Shaver Head – Simple and effective shaving even in hard-to-shave areas. Styling Tools, Hair Care by Braun

Price: $43.99
Price:$ 31.95

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