Deva Curl Mist, Er Right, 12 oz

Deva Curl Mist, Er Right, 12 oz


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Refresh and Rejuvenate Curly Locks Treat your curly or wavy tresses with all botanical extracts infused in Deva Curl Mist-Er Right. Goodness of lavender, hops, balm mint and other essential elements enlivens even the most tired curls with its invigorating fragrance and powerful benefits. This styling product refreshes curls and scalp and rejuvenates them with a well-defined look, enhancing their beauty even more. Refreshes and deodorizes scalp Refreshes and revitalizes curls Contains lavender, hops and balm mint This lightweight, non-sticky styling product makes hair soft, smooth and manageable so that curly locks can be styled with ease and comfort. Just For You: Those with curly or wavy hair A Closer Look: Deva Curl Mist-Er Right contains lavender that enhances the beauty of curls, gives a well-defined look and refreshes scalp with its fragrance. Get Started: Spray on wet or dry hair. Scrunch with fingers to evenly distribute. For high frizz factor, spray on wet hair, then again on dry hair.

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A lavender infused, curl revitalizer, refresher and rejuvenator for all curl types
DevaTip: This versatile “”hair-freshener”” can be used on the beach, after exercising, smoking or other outdoor activities for both scalp and skin. Curl Enhancers, Styling Products by DevaConcepts

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