Gel Moisturizing Gloves

Gel Moisturizing Gloves


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Gel Moisturizing Gloves nourish dry, cracked hands to show the graceful, healthy skin underneath. These soft, plush mitts are lined having a unique gel that progressively releases adding nourishment to oils to assuage rough skin and heal hands fast. Gel Moisturizing Gloves enhance the feel and look of hands, fingers and cuticles after just 2 or 3 wears. For faster results, use a moisturizing cream to hands immediately before placing them within the mitts. Gel Moisturizing Gloves provide soothing therapy for joint disease sufferers and turn into effective for several weeks.Buy wide array of quality Pedifix items online. Proprietary gel lining releases adding nourishment to oils that smooth and soften skin.Reduces rough, dry, cracked fingers and hands.Assists eliminate cracks and fissures and restore skin elasticity.Provides soothing relief for arthritic fingers and hands.Offered like a pair. Moisturizing Gloves, Hands & Nails by Pedifix

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