Face Mask Controls Oil for 24-48 Hours and helps t...

Face Mask Controls Oil for 24-48 Hours and helps treat Acne


Face Mask Controls Oil for 24-48 Hours and helps treat Acne

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Sometimes it seems as though there are a thousand products on the market designed for dry skin. The words Humectant, Lipid, Moisturizing, Emollient, and Creamy appear on jars promising to add essential moisture to the most parched skin. But what about those of us with oily skin? Those of us who have an oil slick in our T-zone by lunch time? The poor souls who buy blotting paper by the ream in an effort to keep their makeup from sliding off their faces? There are few products that are designed to meet our special needs, and only a small handful that live up to their claims. Are you tired of Oil control products that promise to give you matte skin, but never perform as advertised, and worse, cause a massive breakout? If this sounds like your experience with oil control products, you are at the right place! Our Skin Obsession Perfectly Matte Oil Control Mask is an amazing product that meets and exceeds all of our claims for controlling oil production on the skin. Matte Perfection is a liquid mask that controls oil for an astonishing 24-48 hours. Makeup stays put, shine stays away, all day! Not only does it stop the oil in its tracks, but also it reduces the redness caused by breakouts and is a fantastic drying lotion when left on blemishes overnight. This product is ideal for those of us who suffer from acne, and is completely compatible with other product lines. Made from natural ingredients like kaolin clay, magnesium hydroxide and extracts of cucumber and green tea, Original Skin Matte Perfection is the one treatment people with oily skin cannot be without. This synergistic blend of ingredients absorbs excess oil on your skin, leaving a matte canvas for cosmetics or simple bare skin. Suitable for sensitive skin types and acne prone skin, this is a must have for anyone with oily skin. As with all products, a patch test is recommended to see how your skin reacts to the product.

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Controls oil 24 hours with 10 minute mask treatment
Helps reduce the redness of Acne outbreaks
Helps dry up Acne Outbreaks when used as a drying lotion
Easy to use and safe for all skin types
Free sample of Microdermabrasion crystals included! Masks, Exfoliators by Skin Obsession

Price: $14.00
Price:$ 9.99

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