inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy Sample Gift ...

inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy Sample Gift Pack Bag, 1/2-Ounce


inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy Sample Gift Pack Bag, 1/2-Ounce special offer: inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy quality beauty products, for the best price!
InSPAration Health spa Scent 1/2 oz. Sample Pillow Packets inside a Gift Bag! Directions: For Spas and Spas add 1 packet for each 500gal. For Baths add 1 packet. inSPAration, the key aromatherapy scent, for Spas, Spas and Whirlpool Baths continues to be manufacturing scents for more than 3 decades. Their particular aromatherapy blends are developed for the warm water enjoyment, developing a wealthy soothing “Aromatherapy Experience.” inSPAration’s large number of scents and scent blends create that ultimate health spa experience yet still time departing the skin soft and replenished with water. inSPAration Fluids and Deposits are RX Enhanced. Aloe Extracts and Vitamins E & C happen to be put into the proprietary blend. Examined by Dupont, Aristech along with other leading acrylic producers, inSPAration is known as safe for those Health spa, Spa and Whirlpool Bath surfaces. Well suited for hiding individuals undesirable chemical smells without foaming, affecting PH Level, or water chemistry. Developed specifically for jetted systems whether for Spas, Spas, or Hydrotherapy Tubs, inSPAration has been shown safe for those motors, jets and acrylics. inSPAration consists of no alcohol and it is water-soluble. inSPAration’s custom combined Scents come packed in 9oz. Bottles, 1/2oz.single-use Pillow Packets, Health spa Deposits, Sampler Bags and many different types of Gift Packages. With more than 50 Fabulous Blends you will find fragrances for each different occasion.Buy wide array of quality inSPAration Health spa and Bath Aromatherapy items online. Masks Chemical Smells, Won’t affect , Doesn’t Foam or Bubble
Safe for those Acrylics, Jets, Pumps and Filters
Water Soluble, Consists of No Oils leaving no Oily Residue
Does not Change Water Chemistry Sets, Bath & Body by inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy

Price: $17.50
Price:$ 14.88

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