Microdermabrasion Kit

Microdermabrasion Kit

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Microdermabrasion Kit

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This package has the Microdermabrasion Scrub (Top Rated FORMULA!!) and also the Microdermabrasion recovery serum.

Immediately enhance your skin’s appearance by using this formula’s gentle but firm persuasive forces. This condition-of-the-art scrub relies on a very blend system to get rid of the dead skin cells and absorb excess oils. Substantially reduces the look of wrinkles, facial lines, acne scarring, and retexturizes the skin, departing it smooth smooth. See immediate results, and revel in a beauty salon-perfect treatment on any part of the skin within the privacy of your home.

The very blend utilized in the product is really a large molecular structure and it is therefore not bio-open to your body, so there’s no chance of absorption with the skin.

Calm, soothe, and luxury recently exfoliated skin with derma e®’s Microdermabrasion Recovery Serum. Effective botanical extracts for example Aloe, Calendula, Canadian WillowherbTM, Olive Leaf, and Pycnogenol® deliver natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial elements and potent anti-oxidants, helping reduce inflammation and irritation from microdermabrasion remedies while replacing important nutrition. For much softer, more healthy skin, nourish and revitalize the skin after every microdermabrasion treatment with this particular awesome, refreshing serum.Buy wide array of quality Derma E items online. Refine, Renew, and Pamper
Gentle exfoliation
Immediately remove rough, dull, old skin cells with Derma E’s products
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Price:$ 9,999.00

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