NEW! TriLASTIN-SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cr...

NEW! TriLASTIN-SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream – 5.5oz

NEW! TriLASTIN-SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream – 5.5oz Photo 2     

NEW! TriLASTIN-SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream – 5.5oz special offer: EC Research quality beauty products, for the best price!
TriLASTIN-SR is known as a business leader within the area of stretchmark skin damage. New, TriLASTIN-SR Maximum Strength Stretchmark Cream signifies the most recent advancement of our lives-proven formulation. TriLASTIN-SR has become paraben-free featuring nearly two times the ingredients in our original formula.

TriLASTIN-SR targets stretchmark skin damage in the source by using an extensive mixture of safe, naturally-acquired bioactive peptides, proteins and anti-oxidants that really help reduce the look of the deeply furrowed and discolored tissue connected with stretchmark skin damage within 3 days.

TriLASTIN-SR’s exclusive and recently enhanced SDDS® – Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System produces a moisture-retaining skin patch that gives sequenced discharge of key elements towards the skin over a long time period.

For the best results, use TriLASTIN-HT® Hydro-Thermal Accelerator just before application.Buy wide array of quality EC Research items online. Chosen #1 Stretchmark Cream during pregnancy & Birth Magazine’s “Top Ten Stretchmark Creams”New formula with nearly 2X the active power of original TriLASTIN-SR
Rapid visible decrease in the look of deep furrows and discoloration within 3 weeks
Paraben-Free, Hypo-allergenic, Non-Greasy, Unscented Formula
Includes our recently enhanced SDDS Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System for sustained discharge of bio-actives Maternity, Skin Care by EC Research

Price: $79.00
Price:$ 62.00

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