Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter, 5.5 oz

Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter, 5.5 oz


Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter, 5.5 oz special offer: Basq quality beauty products, for the best price!
Stretch Marks don’t have to be your Destiny! basq brings you serious Solutions for Stretch Mark Prevention and Repair. Clinically Proven Ingredients, Darutoside and Algesium C help prevent and repair stretch marks. Borage and Grapeseed Oils work with the skin’s natural hydrating process to fortify skin with essential fatty acids for deep repair and for scar prevention. The rich base of Shea and Jojoba butters brings added protection and deep nourishment. Rich in texture with a gorgeous light aroma, this power packed butter absorbs instantly to fight stretch marks deep down where damage occurs. All basq products are rigorously Clinically Tested for ZERO Skin Allergy and Irritancy and the line is Paraben, Phthalate and Animal Testing Free. basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter is a Pregnancy & Newborn Editors Pick for Best Butters! The basq line was chosen World’s Best Maternity Skin Care by Frommer’s Global Shopping Guide.

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Algesium C & Darutoside are clincally proven to prevent and repair stretch marks
Pregnancy & Newborn winner for best stretch mark butters
Jojoba & Shea Butters plus Borage and Grapeseed Oils are packed with toning, stretch mark fighting nutrients
Fast absorbing for repair deep down where damage occurs
Clinically tested for allergy and sensitivity; paraben, phthalate, animal testing free Maternity, Skin Care by Basq

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