Revlon Toenail Nipper

Revlon Toenail Nipper


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2315-10. Trims tough toenails safely & easily. Toenail Nipper: Curved blades contour to toenail shape for a safe and easy trimming; Spring action for a clean, controlled cut every time; Textured handles for a comfortable grip with either hand. Precision crafted, fully inspected. Revlon Beauty Tools meet exacting design and quality specifications to assure exceptional performance. Over 45 years of superior quality. Made in Italy or Pakistan.

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Curved blades contour to toeNail shape For safe and easy trimming.
Heavy duty spring Action For a clean, controlled cut on the toughest toeNails.
Extra long, satin-finish handles For a comFortable grip With either hand.
Safety catch keeps blades closed when not in use.
Quality, stainless steel construction Hands & Nails, Skin Care by Revlon

Price:$ 21.84

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