– Nbn Strawberry Cupcake Handcream – C...

– Nbn Strawberry Cupcake Handcream – CD


– Nbn Strawberry Cupcake Handcream – CD

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If you like our Cupcake Lip Glosses, you will love our matching Cupcake Hand Cream! Stored in a cupcake shaped pot, make sure your hands stay soft and supple, wherever you are. Keeping your hands moisturised will help strengthen your nails and leave your digits looking delightful! Whether washing up liquid has left your hands feeling dry, or you just want beautifully soft skin to hold your boyfriend’s hand, this Naughty But Nice Cupcake Hand Cream does the job! Why not twin this hand cream with our other Naught But Nice gifts? Create a special kitsch hamper with the Chocolate Dream Flannel and Soap, Cupcake Lip Glosses and cupcake shaped hand warmers! Ideal gifts for girls of any age, this range is cute, fresh and cheerful.

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Great Scent
Fun cupcake shaped container Hand Creams & Lotions, Hands & Nails by wor

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