Talika Lipocils Expert 10ml

Talika Lipocils Expert 10ml


Talika Lipocils Expert 10ml

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Naturally longer eyelashes in 28 days.

In 1948 Dr. Danielle Roches developed a plant-based healing formula for treating victims of serious burns during the war. An unexpected effect occurred: the patient’s lashes had never been so long! Lipocils – the 1st ever beauty product to stimulate eyelash growth was born out of this discovery.

Putting makeup on, taking it off, pollution, stress, an unbalanced diet, UV rays, free radicals… all these daily stresses weaken our eyelashes.

To protect and strengthen them day in, and day out, the exclusive formula of Lipocils Expert contains anti-aging Peptides and Plant Extract to stimulate grown, natural curl and restore their youthful colour.

Lipocils Expert is a colourless, odourless gel adapted from the eyelash growth cream discovered in 1948.

Its effectiveness has been proved by a team of dermatologists at the Paris Hospitals. Tests show that the eyelashes naturally grow up to 2.5mm longer. After 28 days your lashes fulfil their maximum beauty potential:
+ 50% Youthful Colour
+50% Natural Curl
+36% Growth

No Side Effects.

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Eyelash Gel
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