Ligget: Shamp Bar, CoconutArgan, 3.5 OZ

Ligget: Shamp Bar, CoconutArgan, 3.5 OZ


Ligget: Shamp Bar, CoconutArgan, 3.5 OZ special offer: J.R. Liggett quality beauty products, for the best price!
Front label panel: J.R. LIGGETT’S OLD-FASHIONED BAR SHAMPOO Healthy Beautiful Clean Hair TRADEMARK Virgin COCONUT & ARGAN OIL Internet WT. 3.5 oz. 99g Instructions: NONE GIVEN. Elements: Elements: Essential olive oil oil from coconut using castor oil fresh pure Nh spring water sodium hydroxide (a binder) Organic Virgin Oil From Coconut Organic Argan Oil and E Vitamin added with Natural Coconut scent. Supplemental Details: Made that old-Fashioned way-manually! Each bar is hands-cut so no two bars are exactly alike. How they made it happen over a century ago within Colonial. No synthetic oils No chemical mixtures No plastic containers No Liquids… This shampoo won’t strip natural oils out of your hair so most people don’t require a conditioner. Great for permed or colored hair and hair with natural curl. Available too: Patented wooden Shampoo Shelf. Since it is not really a liquid each bar provides the approximate quantity of usages like a 24 oz. bottle on most modern shampoos. EARTH FRIENDLY Easy To Use No animal testing No chemical preservatives No amimal items 100% bio-degradable Pure 100% skin oils Thick luxurious lather Rinses out clean & easily Gives body & manageability Money-back guarantee Ideal for backpacking and traveling! NEW Minimal Packaging Earth Friendly OLD Colonial SAW: Utilize it up put on it allow it to be do or do without.Buy wide array of quality J.R. Liggett items online.
049056102030 Bath, Bath & Body by J.R. Liggett

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