Layla Top Coat Graffiti Effect “Cracked̶...

Layla Top Coat Graffiti Effect “Cracked” 11


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Layla Graffiti Top Coat, available in a multitude of colors, will give your nails a crackle, graffiti effect that looks different on every nail. You can use it with any color you want to create beautiful combinations in only a few instants. But you need to wait for the polish to be dry before applying it or the effect won’t look that good. Easy to apply and pigmented, Graffiti Top Coat has a matte finish and dries very quickly. But the graffiti don’t last long without a protective top coat on top.

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beautiful graffiti/crackle effect
good color payoff
easy to apply
dries very fast Nail Polish, Nails by Layla Cosmetics

Price: $16.99
Price:$ 0.99

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