Seche Plus – Nail Strengthener – .5 oz...

Seche Plus – Nail Strengthener – .5 oz.


Seche Plus – Nail Strengthener – .5 oz. special offer: Seche Vite quality beauty products, for the best price!
A cutting-edge treatment overflowing with minerals and vitamins that fortifies, fortifies and solidifies weak, thin, split, brittle and slow growing nails. Dries to some obvious, hard and lengthy lasting finish. The Plus Program: Apply daily to correctly prepared nail plate for 7 days. Following the seventh day remove with Seche Erase. Start daily treatment over. After 3 to 5 days, change to Seche Base or Seche Obvious for 10 days, after which re-evaluate the healthiness of the nail. If nails still treatment restart regime. Seche Plus is really a mild nail hardener. If irritation to nail cuticle happens discontinue use. Might be used like a base coat.Buy wide array of quality Seche Vite items online.
USA Nail Strengthening, Nail Treatments by Seche Vite

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