Acquarella Buffer Kit

Acquarella Buffer Kit

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Acquarella Buffer Kit special offer: Acquarella quality beauty products, for the best price!
This Buffer Kit includes our new 3 Way File shaped buffer and 2 Way Ultra Buffer.

The 3 Way File is perfect for bringing all nail surfaces to a smooth, clean state. With three levels, even the hardest and most ridged nails can be made great looking with minimal effort. The new file format is easier for transport and use.
Our Ultra Buffer surpasses other products hands down for producing the best, high gloss shine with the least effort. It works great on your nails after using the 3 Way for best adhesion of Acquarella Nail Polish as well as using ON THE SURFACE of our
Acquarella polish to bring back luster!

NOTE: See alternate images for use instruction.

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NEW – 3 Way File Shaped Buffer better surface preparation of the nail
Ultra Buffer (Pink/Purple) promotes better adhesion of Acquarella Nail Polish
Cuticle Stick great for gentle removal of polish, pushback of cuticles and cleaning
Additionally, Ultra Buffer can be used ON THE SURFACE of Acquarella Polish to restore shine!
See product images for usage instruction (Step 1, 2, 3) Nail Files & Buffers, Nail Tools by Acquarella

Price: $4.75
Price:$ 3.95

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