Nail Harmony Gelish LED 18G LED Lamp

Nail Harmony Gelish LED 18G LED Lamp


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Gelish High End Brought Gel Light 18GIntroducing the brand new third generation Brought Gel Light by Gelish. Cures all Five Fingers in :05 SECONDSThe Gelish Brought 18G is really a scientifically- designed, precisely-adjusted authentic Brought (Light-Giving off Diode) light of remarkable quality. It’s specifically created for rapid, efficient gel treating, designed for our prime-performance Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polishes.The Gelish Brought 18G will rapidly and easily cure gels to effectively make sure the smoothest, most level gel-drying out. The quiet and rugged Gelish Brought 18G light is certain to provide many years of reliable in-salon performance, with no versions in treating-time temps while consistently creating correctly-healed gels.Brought lighting is faster and much more reliable, much better for gel application than Ultra violet light. Now, never replace a bulb again! The Gelish Brought 18G?s lights won?t ever need bulb substitutes… unlike Ultra violet lights which have 4 or even more lights which require full substitutes every couple of ye

Buy wide array of quality Gelish items online. a Patent PendingTM (Limits light exposure)Magnetic tray for effortless
preset Brought Display Timer with Countdown, preset Cure Occasions: 5, 20, thirty seconds(18) 2-watt Brought Lights [=32 w].acetone resistance Nail Dryers, Nail Tools by Gelish

Price: $700.00
Price:$ 199.99

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