Acrylic Nail Brush Sets

Acrylic Nail Brush Sets

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Acrylic Nail Brush Sets special offer: FASH Limited quality beauty products, for the best price!
Making nail designs hasn’t been very easy. But here it comes down 15 Essential Nail Art brushes inside a transparent storage pouch. Create beautiful nail designs within minutes-marbling, rhinestones, lines. Ideal for organizing or traveling. May be used on natural/false/acrylic/gel nails. Ideal for nail painting and drawing.Buy with no risk or hassle. There exists a ‘No Questions Asked’ return guarantee. Just check it out & we all know you’ll like it.  Here’s what is the package incorporates:1. Lengthy Striper Brush: Efficient for elongated vertical or lines of horizontal type.2. Medium Striper Brush: Well suited for detail because they produce lines which are thicker, permitting you to definitely create flowers & spots.3. Small Striper Brush: The small striper is helpful when you are creating delicate thin lines of even color for your nail art designs.4-5-6. Large / Medium / Small Stroke Brushes: Can fresh paint the backdrop from the nail easily and may be used to blend colours as well as to attract. Like a special use, you are able to take away the undesirable nail polish out of your cuticles.7. Tilted detailer Brush: It allows you to create a better positioning of the fresh paint. 8. Small Detailer Brush: The small detailer is an extremely small brush, whice allows you to definitely make

probably the most delicate of particulars.9. Lengthy Detailer Brush: When using the detailer brush you are able to apply different levels of colorful colored shapes for your nails.10. Small covering tool: Create small, cute dots, for marbling design, mixing colors, creating textured finishes.11. Flower petal brush: Great to attract flower petals.12. Drawing brush: Includes a fine tip and may easily draw.13. Painting brush: May use as gel nail treating brush.14-15. Two Fan Brushes: Can make the

background from the nail art wonderfully by mixing mixing and adding colours.Just ideal for your personal and professional uses. Complete package for professional nail salons.Buy wide array of quality FASH Limited items online. Eco-Friendly – top quality Nail Art brushes created for professional & personal use.15 piece nail art brushes has a transparent storage pouch.Use for the natural or false nails – appropriate for mixing, side loading and becoming into tight areas.An entire collections – consists of all necessary brushes composed of drawing brushes, painting brushes, fan brushes, lining brushes, covering brush.Simple to handle & an ideal tool for ladies who love Nail Art. Nail Brushes, Nail Tools by FASH Limited

Price:$ 9.99

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