BR 75 Makeup Color Kit JC243

BR 75 Makeup Color Kit  JC243


BR 75 Makeup Color Kit JC243 special offer: SHANY Cosmetics quality beauty products, for the best price!
MAKEUP KIT WITH ALL YOU NEED INSIDE. Once you have this kit, you no longer have to carry around a big, heavy make up bag with you. All you need is in one small kit that you can take with you everywhere. Included is 34 colors of eye shadow, 5 different and most used shades of lip color, 2 lip glosses, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, and every brush you need for application. Once you have this kit you can achieve any look you would possibly want with your make up. Everything will be displayed right in front of your eyes in an expandable kit so it will make it easy for you to choose and find the colors you want quickly! This feature is great for those times when you are in a hurry! NO MORE messy and cluttered make-up bags! This is a must have product by every woman to make your already busy life much easier. It will also make a great gift as you’ll get 65pcs of make up all in one kit. It’s like getting 100 gifts as oppose to one!!

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Eyeshadows, Blushers, Powder cake, Lip Gloss
MAscara, Eye pencil, and more…
All in one color workshop Makeup Sets, Makeup by SHANY Cosmetics

Price:$ 36.99

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