5″-6″ Natural Ocean Real Sea Sponge (S...

5″-6″ Natural Ocean Real Sea Sponge (Set of 2) (FREE SHIPPIN)


5″-6″ Natural Ocean Real Sea Sponge (Set of 2) (FREE SHIPPIN)

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Sea sponges are one of the most natural and caring ways to cleanse, massage and exfoliate your skin. Sea Sponges are highly absorbent, create a luxurious lather, are softly textured and are suitable for the most sensitive of skin. Sea sponges are more durable and last longer than synthetic sponges because they are more resistant to abrasion. In addition, natural sea sponges are better for bathing and cleaning because they soak up and hold more water without dripping. Natural sponges are self-cleaning through their intricate system of canals. Therefore they wash out more quickly and easily and will not retain objectionable odors. They are softer, clean better and will not peel like synthetic sponges while being used. Natural Sea Sponges can be used for a multitude of purposes: The application and removal of cosmetics, Deep cleansing, Massaging to stimulate the circulatory system and revitalize the skin, and for a luxurious bath and shower experience.
Directions: Hand wash with soap before first use. Air dry after each use. Rinse occasionally with baking soda and warm water.

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Premuim quality natural sea sponge harvested from crystal clear ocean waters
each one is unique in shape and texture
Soft and absorbent when saturated
Enjoy an ultimate luxury in bathing. Loofahs, Sponges & Poufs, Bathing Accessories by

Price: $15.99
Price:$ 13.99

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