10 Pair Taiwan Meison Handmade High-quality False ...

10 Pair Taiwan Meison Handmade High-quality False Eyelashes 7 Cross


10 Pair Taiwan Meison Handmade High-quality False Eyelashes 7 Cross

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Sometimes it’s fun to go for glamour with false eyelashes. Whether you apply a few singles to create a subtle change, or full lashes for optimal drama, you may want to practice first: this can be one of the trickier beauty enhancers. How to Put on False Eye Lashes: 1. You can trim the width and length of your false eye lashes if you wish to. But first, try the original length and see if you prefer it that way before cutting. 2. Prepare the things that you would need: a good pair of tweezers, some eyelash glue and your lashes, of course. A magnifying mirror will also be useful. If you are putting on individual eyelashes, make sure that the individual sections are ready. 3. Before actually applying the lashes, line the upper part of your lash line with black or mahogany-collared eyeliner pencil and smudge it a little to create a smoked effect. This would conceal the lash band area. 4. When ready, start applying the individual eye lahses before the strip ones, as they are more difficult and effort-consuming to apply. You would need strong, steady hands to apply it well. 5. Pick up the fake eyelahses with a pair of tweezers. You are likely to have more control if you use tweezers than handle it with your fingers. 6. Apply a tiny amount of eyelash glue by dipping the end of the fake lashes. Wait for about 30 seconds for the glue to become sticky. 7. Apply the fake eyelahses very slightly above your real eyelashes, and position them as close to your lashline as possible. Gently press the eyelash area until it false lashes are set. If you are using individual lashes, start applying from the outside of your eyes inwards. 8. When the fake eye lashes are set in place, curl them with a good eyelash curler, together with your natural lashes. Apply some mascara afterwards. Remember, practice and patience is important when applying these false eye lashes. Never try to put them on when you are just 5 minutes away from leaving for a big party.

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Popular, High-quality, and soft handmade false eyelashes from Taiwan.
Highly recommended by celebrities, makeup artists, and beauty blogs.
Can be used many times if they are used and removed properly.
Length: Appro. 11cm x 10 Pair
Made in Taiwan. Fake Eyelashes & Adhesives, Eyelash Tools by Handmade False Eyelashes

Price:$ 22.99

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