60pcs of %100 Human hair False Individual Eyelashe...

60pcs of %100 Human hair False Individual Eyelashes – Long Black


60pcs of %100 Human hair False Individual Eyelashes – Long Black

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How to Apply:

Finish your eye makeup application. Curl lashes and apply mascara. Take out clumps with a lash comb.

Choose where you’d like to place the lashes. You can attach them to only the outer edges of your top lash line, to the middle of your top lash lines outwards or all throughout top lash lines. For fancier looks, some choose to apply false lashes to even their bottom lash lines. It all depends on the effect you are going for. Do you want a fuller fringe overall or are you seeking to only play up the outer corners for a coy, doe-eyed look?

Use tweezers to take each individual lash cluster as you are about to attach it by the end that faces outwards. Dip the tip where the cluster meets into skin-safe adhesive or false-lash glue. Let a few seconds pass to allow glue to become tackier and more effective.

Step 4Look into mirror and press lash onto lash line right where you want it, which is always level with where your natural hairs grow. Remember, not on top nor below, but on the same level. Pick the sparsest regions to attach lashes to. If necessary, press lash more securely in place with the blunt end of your tweezers. Repeat until you have on all the fake lashes you plan on using. Don’t worry about the adhesive if it appears white. It dries into a clear finish.

Step 5Go over areas that need to be retouched with the same eyeliner you used in the earlier stages of your eye makeup application. Run mascara gently through the tips of your lash clusters so they blend more naturally with your own lashes. You’re all done!

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%100 Human Hair
60 pcs of Individual Eyelashes
Medium Black Fake Eyelashes & Adhesives, Eyelash Tools by SHANY Cosmetics

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