Graftobian Cat Makeup Kit One-Size Black

Graftobian Cat Makeup Kit One-Size Black


Graftobian Cat Makeup Kit One-Size Black special offer: Graftobian quality beauty products, for the best price!
Includes Color Wheel, Pencil, Brush, Powder, Puff, 3 Wedges and directions. Doesn’t include costume or constitute remover.Buy wide array of quality Graftobian items online. This boxed package consists of all of the professional theatrical make-up required to produce the character indicated.Each package consists of, no less than, 4-5 colors, Usually 1, 1/2 oz. Foundation color supported by 4, 1/8 oz. contouring or accent shades.These colors are creme based make-up, so, face powder and puff are incorporated for use to powder within the make-as much as place it so it won’t smear or chafe.Total Color step-by-step instructions are incorporated within the package.These instructions would be the most satisfactory instructions you’ll ever find associated a package of the type. Costumes & Accessories, Novelty & Special Use by Graftobian

Price: $22.99
Price:$ 21.02

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